Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three Muses

I love my studio--it's truly my sanctuary.

To the casual observer, it's just a room over the garage with a couple of windows and good light--but to me it's a warm, sunny place where I can do, think, feel, create and be whatever I want. Now how many places in life can you say that about?

The minute I walk thru the door my breathing slows and my heart rate drops. I become centered and very "in the moment" (yea, I tend to struggle with that) and I'm able to think clearly and honestly about the day-to-day stresses that fill up my mind.

And when I sit at my work table, I have three special muses who reside on the wall over my table and tirelessly gaze down on me, guiding me in my creative journey. My muses are very special to me--no doubt chosen because of their influence during my formative years. Each a gifted genius in their own genre, they inspire me daily because I know that they dreamed, aspired, reached, achieved and ultimately succeeded.

They were human--like me. They were mortal--like me.
They breathed, they bled, they cried.
Like me.

Every time I'm sitting at my work table and happen to look up, I see my muses, Al, John & Lucy, gazing back at me. They give me the courage to reveal a bit of myself thru my art. Of course, it never happens without fear--but with the encouragement of my muses, I find I am brave enough to keep on trying.


  1. Hey, good to see you blogging again! I was thrilled to see your piece finished that we did in class too:) Would love to have fun playing in your studio! Thanks for the wonderful comments on my "tits". LOL

  2. Well, I was CRUSHED not to see a picture of myself in your studio as one of your Muses...of course, it would have to be a 40 year old picture so I'd be young and skinny. Anyway, missed the "tits" blog so I'll have to go back and reread. Adore the pumpkin---he's super! And your clean studio makes me ill---how can you find anything?? ha,ha,ha! Or maybe you could just come and clean up mine up. That will have to be my project for the month of Jan, maybe into Feb, probably into Mar...
    Your Old Muse