Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Humble Box

Behold....the humble box.
Plain. Brown. Unadorned. Simple.

For some unknown reason I have, over time, picked up a few of these plain Jane containers. I have no idea what I initially wanted them for but they have sat neatly stacked and collecting dust on my studio shelves patiently waiting to be transformed into something spectacular.

A few weeks ago, I needed to create a gift for a very dear friend. As I sat in my studio staring at my 3 muses willing them to beam me a nifty idea, I happened to glance over at my shelves and spotted the humble box. Hmmm.....
The time seemed right to give this meek & ordinary object a new life.

A bit of gesso & paint, some glue and a few scraps of trim, a few tiny wooden finials, a bit of glitter.... the transformation had begun.
But what to adorn the lid? hmmm......
I pulled out some Sculpey and my sculpting tools and set to work.

A bit more gold paint....a small scrap of tulle.....some miniature silk roses....a few baubles....
The transformation was complete.

That plain brown humble box, once the ugly step-sister, was now a lovely Cinderella.
Oh, and my friend totally loved it.


  1. How very wonderful! I bet your friend was more than happy!!! It turned out fantastic!!! Lucky friend!

  2. The box turned out great! Love what you did with the clay.

  3. What a great box. I'm impressed with the slipper you sculpted. Nice job. Your box is no longer "humble".

  4. Thanks UU, Peggy & Pam! My friend was thrilled with it! I will definitely do a few more--it's so much fun to make it up as I go along!

  5. Hi Deb,
    Sorry I haven't visited your Blog lately but I was up to my Ears in unpacked boxes from my move! :( But here I am again. :)
    What a gorgeous box! I know your friend must have loved it. I would have too. :)
    Then that Zentangle pin.....Super. Are you making more?
    When you get a chnce visit my Blog and leave a comment. I have missed you too.

  6. WOW you are one clever cookie making that shoe!! It all looks lovely!

  7. hello,
    your work is precious!!!