Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yeah, I know. Once again, I've gotten embarrassingly behind in my posting. My only excuse (if you can call it that) is that life is happening with more gusto than usual at the moment and, it seems, time is not on my side. I do, however, solemnly swear to do my best for the next few weeks.

If you read my previous post "Dress Stress"--and learned of my quest to create the perfect prom dress for my DD--I thought you might like to see the final result. My DD was absolutely thrilled with it--it fit her like a glove (which DIDNT happen by accident, believe me!) and I think my greatest accomplishment was either finally mastering the art of inserting an invisible zipper (that skill has eluded me for years!)--or figuring out how to use the HotFix tool I bought to put on the crystals. Both went swimmingly and that made me a VERY happy camper.

The original pattern for this dress was Simplicity #4577 (View A) which was a fairly simple halter-dress. I did some fairly extensive alterations to the bodice to create the banded opening in the front and I completely redesigned the back to include the woven straps and the lacing since the original pattern was a simple halter that closed at the back of the neck. Also, instead of using a lining fabric under the skirt, I used the black satin which hung about 2" below the green print for a peek-a-boo effect. The best part is that I can remove the green over-skirt and she will have a completely different dress! We loved the funky, lime-green animal print! Oh, and I even made her a little quilted evening bag from the leftover fabric remnants. It's just big enough to hold her pocket camera and lipstick. Then I went nuts with the HotFix tool putting the leftover crystals all over it.

One can never have too much bling.