Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh! Domino!

So I was given a challenge to do an “altered domino” which I have never done before and since I love a challenge, I decided to go for it. What fun! I am in love with those Adirondack alcohol inks---I just love how the colors mix and roll and you end up with fantastic patterns and color combinations. I started out altering one large domino…. and then decided to do a couple dice (the eyes)…which led to doing a couple small dominos (the shoes). Here is my final creation:

I call her ‘No Dice: Guardian Angel for the Bad Things Come in 3’s” Syndrome. Get it? domi-No Dice?

Well… I thought it was clever.

I actually learned a few things from this project:

A. dominos are very easy to drill into. Who knew. You can also carve into them with a Dremel tool--which I did but it's hard to see in the pic.

B. I like playing with wire. Probably cuz it’s so pliable. That’s a hard quality to find in anything these days.

C. I need a new tube of E6000 adhesive. It’s really rubbery in the tube. Does that mean it’s too old?

I’ve got a bunch of dominos left so I’m thinking there’s a bunch of little characters just waiting to make their debut. Woo Hoo!


  1. oh!!! she is just de-VINE! ;) i so love her and can't wait to see others!! ;) xoxo

  2. Love your little Domino doll! What a great creation. Love her to bits! :)
    Can't wait to see the others.

  3. Thanks so much, Leilani & Norma! I had no idea that a simple domino could be so versatile! Hmmm....I wonder what else I can do with these....

  4. ADORABLE!!! there's just no other word for her!

    - gretch

  5. Love it! I am anxious to be doing something new too after all of my travels. Love your domino shoes! The way you attached the eyes are so clever! What a scream!

  6. I love this piece and I'm staring at it here in my room!