Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Lengths

Yesterday, it became painfully clear to me to what lengths I will go to to procrastinate doing something. I'm not a hopeless procrastinator--I don't have mountains of unfinished projects waiting for completion and I don't wait til 5 minutes before my dentist appointment to find my car keys. There are just times I manage to find very creative ways to avoid doing something.

I'm supposed to start work on a new project -- designing and creating a book cover--but I'm experiencing one of those wretched conditions known as "creative block". Auugghh! Those stealthy little beasts tend to hit me when I least expect it and when the moment is least convenient! And wouldn't you know, RIGHT when I have a deadline to meet.


So yesterday, I decided that maybe I just needed to get into the studio and pull out some supplies to get the ol' juices flowing.... It was a nice, sunny day and the light was pouring into my studio making it so nice & warm despite the 38 degree day outside. The first thing I did was head to my work table but decided that before I could start anything, I simply MUST tidy up since I still had remnants of Christmas projects piled up. Mind you that usually I just brush stuff aside and create a hole to work in---but not today. Today it just HAD to be clear before I could work.

I started clearing & putting stuff away and at one end of the table were a pile of drapes that I'd bought over a year ago for our living room. There were 5 pair (that's 10 separate curtains--yeah.....10! what WAS I thinking?) that needed altering, hemming & stitching. There is nothing more tortuous to me than the thought of sitting at the machine and straight-stitching seams & hems on anything, much less ten 95" curtain panels. Do the math....that's 950" of straight stitching!


Now you know why they have been sitting on the end of my work table for the past 14 months. And during that time, I've moved them from table to chair and back again at least 30 times (and even sat on them for a couple months while I worked on other stuff), never getting any closer to finishing them and getting them out of my studio and into the room they were intended for.

Well, I'm happy (and relieved) to report that as of last night they are not only stitched & hemmed, but they are now hanging on my living room windows! What fueled this amazing feat, you ask?

that wretched little imp called "creative block". *big sigh..........

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